Ceremonies to mark Orthodox Christian Easter


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1. Exterior shot of Church of the Holy Sepulchre
2. People standing outside church
3. Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theofilos III addressing worshippers
4. Woman praying inside Katholicon - the section of the Holy Sepulchre Church belonging to Greek Orthodox
5. Woman lighting candles
6. Wide shot of congregation
7. Close-up woman singing
8. Top shot of people receiving communion
9. Top shot of worshippers in Katholicon
10. Priests walking with covered beaker
11. Various procession with patriarch Theofilos III
12. Top shot of mass in Katholicon
13. Close-up of woman lighting candles
Hundreds of pilgrims and worshippers took part in ceremonies in Jerusalem on Sunday as part of celebrations marking the Orthodox Christian Easter.
A procession to the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem was led by Greek Orthodox Patriarch in the Holy Land Theofilos III.
A service was held in the Katholicon, the section of the Holy Sepulchre Church belonging to their denomination of Christianity.
Custody of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is shared by a number of denominations that fiercely guard their responsibilities under a fragile network of agreements hammered out over the last millennia.
Various areas of the Basilica, built in the fourth century by Emperor Constantine, were controlled by different denominations.
The shrine marks the site where tradition says Jesus was crucified and buried.
The Greek Orthodox Church celebrate the Easter festivities one week after most Christians, because their church uses the Gregorian calendar.

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