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The Orthodox Church has mercy on all,
also on the roman-catholic, on protestant, on mason.
That's why if a mason wants to come back to orthodoxy,
he must deny masonery publicly inside the church,
and then he is anointed again with the big and holy oil, because he lost the grace of the Holy Spirit.
That's how he is reinstated in The Church.
The same for the yoghin and the catholic.
The catholic is restored by the sacrament of baptism, if he is not orthodox, if he was not baptized,
Because there is not any valid baptism outside The Church of Christ (The Orthodox Church).
Thank you very much for these specifications,
I strengthen your claim that all these statements, about masonery, the roman catholic church, are made
out of man's love who wants to see the other people saved.
Of course!
But please, think of only one thing:
If the apostles had said:
"Aaaa, the pagan anyway is saved, why should I go to him and preach Christ?",
do you realise that today christian orthodoxy wouldn't have existed?
and God would have incarnated in vain, and mankind would have been lost?
So the same thing works now as it worked then, we did not "modernize", we are not "smarter",
or "i don't know how", say "that old thinking does not apply to us anymore".
We are talking about Christ's thinking, God's thinking,that is forever, it is the same today and tomorrow,
and in 1000 years, doesn't change,
because it is from God towards man, not from man towards God, it is not a human invention,
and this can be seen through miracles, through prophecies and through what means The Church today

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