Orthodox Christianity: Apostolic Father St. Irenaeus


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Apostolic Father and key theologian, St Irenaeus of Lyons is discussed by Presbytera Irene Matta. Archbishop Lazar reveals the Orthodox Christian view of "Nature of Sin.." along with offering this booklet from Synaxis Press (available from our Orthodox Mission). The Georgian Patriarchate is now in America with two more monasteries overseen by His Eminence Dmitri under the Patriarch Ilya II. Elder Aemilianos receives a humble eulogy here as we review the miraculous healing of Nun Aemiliani after 60 tons of concrete walkway fell on her at the Hyatt Hotel 1981 disaster in Kansas City. His prayer and vibrant presence energized by the Holy Spirit allowed her complete recovery in Christ's power of the Resurrection. She is now the new Abbess of Saint Nina Monastery in Union Bridge MD under the Georgian Patriarchate with Elder Dionysios as their spiritual father.

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